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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rare and underappreciated Morrissey songs. What more could you want?

Yesterday's posting of my beautiful girlfriend and her glorious quiff has inspired me to share something special with you all. Namely, my 12 favorite rare/unreleased/underappreciated Morrissey songs. Everyone knows "Every Day is Like Sunday" is a killer song, but why drive it into the ground? The man has such a rich catalogue that it rewards revisits. Let's examine each of these 12 gems, yes?

A Swallow on My Neck - Classic mid-90's Moz, this is a prime example of the catchy, jangly Britpop he was singing at the time. How often are you going to hear the phrase "foolish, ghoulish, and childish" in a pop song? It's lush and coy, just like the man himself.

Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together - From his debut solo record, Viva Hate. It's one of my favorite songs from that record and an avenue that I had hoped Morrissey had continued. His performances usually have this cinematic quality to them no matter how broad or intimate, and it was a revelation to hear him sing over what was essentially tense film music. I'm still waiting for this chamber quartet record.

Born to Hang - Dunno why this one was left to linger in the demo ghetto, as the hooks seem like they would have been fertile ground for expansion. As such, we're left with a song that is mostly potential, but still catchy and memorable enough to warrant attention. The fact that the vocal on this song is as good as it is is pudding-proof that Mozzer is the real deal.

Heir Apparent - From the Japan-only EP of rare tracks. One of his best b-sides and prescient of the albums he was yet to release.

I Can Have Both - I have no proof of this, but I have a feeling this is evidence that a Morrissey first-take is as good as the 50th.

Lucky Lisp - From the early days of his solo career (if you couldn't tell by the production and synths). This was back when we wasn't putting out albums so much as 3-4 song maxi-singles that combined would have been killer as a set. Also, this song is supposedly about his former songwriting partner and fellow Smith member Johnny Marr. Modest louse?

Michael's Bones - The more I listen to this, the more I'm convinced the narrator is the person who killed Michael and buried him in the soccer field. What do you think?

Our Frank - The last song's weirdness is matched only by "Our Frank," where Morrissey has a snarky conversation with himself and makes fun of his clothes ("your frankly vulgar red pullover"). Despite the oddball lyric (and does the public really pay attention, anyway?), this is the song on today's post that most should have been a hit.

Satan Rejected My Soul - If you can't appreciate his bathos as deliberate and charming and this song doesn't win you over to that camp, you're hopeless.

Spring-Heeled Jim - So Radiohead was a mediocre alt-rock band who had a fluke hit with "Creep" (so goes the critical consensus). Then they released The Bends and won over every critic who's not me and Aaron. They said during the recording sessions for The Bends, they listened to almost nothing but the album this song came from, Vauxhall and I. "Spring-Heeled Jim" sounds like every Radiohead song ever. Coincidence? Only if you're stupid.

Striptease With a Difference - Yeah, the lyric and performance is totally weak, but it sounds so much like the theme song to an 80's cop show that I couldn't help but include it.

Teenage Dad on His Estate - It must really piss off the ruling elite in this country to see a happy poor person. They see some impoverished fellow smiling, and all of a sudden they realize putting in 70 hours a week at the office doesn't mean shit towards their own personal fulfillment. Maybe that's why the Christians in this country (in the public arena) care more about gay dudes touching than they do about helping the poor. Yeah, you can afford a Lexus, but does it mean you laugh at night playing with your kids?


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