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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Carbonas, not glue!

So I've got the new Gogol Bordello and New Pornographers albums. I'd post select tracks, but I'm holding out to see if anyone has the new Bad Religion album to trade. All I will tell you is that both fucking SLAY. And for those of you who knock the new BR single, "Honest Goodbye," get the hell out. We don't need you. It kicks ass in its own way, and while that sounds like a pitiful defense, it's killer mid-tempo dynamite in the vein of "All Good Soldiers" and "Faith Alone." You guys are forgetting the cardinal rule, which is "Bad Religion can do no wrong." You know why that's a rule? Because they can't. Why do you ask me about simple shit?

So what was I gonna write about tonight? Ah yes, music from Atlanta's own Carbonas. First time I saw them, it was at one of the infamous Rob's House parties. I recall three things about their set mostly: 1) some dude who looked a lot like Zach de la Rocha kept offering to sell me psychedelics, which I politely decline because I was drunk but not stupid, 2) them rocking way too hard for me to believe, despite being drunk off my ass, and 3) getting drunk with the bassist and telling him I was a "journalist" when in reality I was working for the Petrel at the time.

If you like buzz-spaz punk like the Zero Boys or FYP, this is a band for you. "Blackout" is one of the best punk songs of the 00's, and the other two on the same EP weren't slouchers, either. rad dudes making rad tunes on a rad 7" = my ION makes for your listening pleasure! More zippers, mule!


Inside Out:

Nostalgia Buffs:


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

They are wonderful, and Jesse Smith, who is in the band, fronts the great Gentleman Jesse and his Men, who delighted me as always last night!

2:10 PM

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