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Monday, June 18, 2007

Wait a minnit. Pretty boys ain't allowed!

Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels are lying to us. They tell untruths in both aspects of their name. But, yanno, they're still wildly entertaining, so I guess it's alright. A lot of punk bands are starting to publicly recognize their debt to classic country in terms of approach and lyrical honesty about things like heartships and drinking problems. It's got a ton in common with folk punk, but also with Motorhead and Social Distortion. Think Throwrag, but more awesome.

One time in high school while walking home from school, admiring a car ended up with some Latin dudes giving me a beatdown. The one who talked like Speedy Gonzalez distracted me while the others surrounded me before they proceeded to pummel me, fists and feet crashing down upon my cranium. All this was started by that me staring at tinted windows, which was followed by Speedy's all-too-stereotypical taunts, which was followed by my giving them the finger, which was ultimately followed by me waiting in the hospital to get checked in for a concussion and maybe for someone who could stop my massive facial bleeding.

The point is even the Aztecs got their ass kicked, and Pretty Boy Thorson knows how to kick out the country-punk jams. What more do you want to know? My seven inch series continues.

I Know I Said I Love You:

Things I Should Have Told You Before:

You Can't Win (Don't Try):

Two Steps Across Two Harbors:


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