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Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'll try not to quote the movie

I won't deny it. I'm a vinyl junkie. I love the analog, and not just because it has "anal" in it. Part of the fun is finding completely left field artists that you would never hear otherwise. (I feel the same way about horror movies, which is why I collect such shitty public domain scare flicks - if I don't help preserve this, who will?) While I'm certainly not the Smithsonian and this isn't the archives of Moses Asch beckoning, some of singles and EPs I've purchased simply because of wacky or trashy cover art or off-the-wall song titles. (As soon as I saw that it contained songs called "Space Queers from Pluto" and "Lynyrd Skinhead," I had no other choice but to pay the $1.50 the God's Will EP cost.) For the next however many days, I'm going to rip directly from the vinyl source (via the kickass ION turntable, which I can't recommend enough) and posting about some of the seven inches I own that have yet to take make an appearance in the digital age, be it the rockabilly of today's entry to the contemporary greatness of the Leftovers or Pretty Boy Thorson & the Fallen Angels.

The problem with these obscure artists? I'm going to be reduced to telling stories about my own life in order to fill space. That is to say, instead of hearing scintillating bios of drunken guitarists, you're gonna hear more stories along the line of "I totally tired to stinkfinger this girl that was into Go Sailor, but it wasn't happening." Cool? Cool. Figure the happening music will make up for the lack of verbiage.

Today's entry was part of Tower's collapse. With their huge going-out-of-business sale, I was able to get stuff like this for less than a dollar. God bless America. Bobby Wayne introduced rockabilly to the Northwest, likely influencing the Sonics. His backup band was called the Warriors. Both these facts are unspeakably cool. These four songs are from the seven inch EP "55 Spokane Rockabilly!" JP, if you're reading this, I'm basically making a baldfaced dare to you to play "Sally Ann" next time you play the Quarry House. It's one of the first released rockabilly songs, dude! I'm sure the crowd will go nuts. Besides, "Sally Ann" is written about some jailbait girl he met at a prom he was WORKING. Fuckin' rad.


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I never can resist a jailbait song!

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