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Friday, June 15, 2007

A quiet evening discussion with No Brass

Despite being yungun's (one bandmember still can't legally buy cigarettes), Virginia Beach's sons No Brass have put out one of the best demos I've heard in long time (well, other than Gaslight Anthem's, but before that? Barren tundra.). If you're a fan of Dillinger Four, Rivethead, Off With Their Heads, Gunmoll, or the Grabass Charlestons, do yourself a favor and download their demo below. It fucking RIPS, especially "Sixers on the Beach," which had me bouncing like a looney in my car while screaming "we're not leaving 'til they're shootin' out the stereos!" for most of the last two weeks.

In the interest of proving not all the under-21 crowd are whiny little brats with shoe polish in their hair, I present a little Q&A for your edification.

What’s your name from? I imagine it has to do with testicles or ska.
It’s a little of both. When we pitched it because we originally played ska/punk, but we couldn’t find any horn players that would play with us. And the whole testicles issue sealed the deal.

Would you rather bite the head off a puppy or a kitten?
Are we talking raw?

Which of your band members’ moms would you fingerbang for a Klondike bar?
There’s not very many people No Brass wouldn’t finger for a Klondike Bar.

Do fat guys make better punk rock? Why or why not?
I don’t know if that’s true but I can say we/they definitely “pull their/our weight”

Why do you think punks do shit “for the kids?” Kids are stupid. They don’t know anything about the world and they buy Hawthorne Heights CDs.
The kids are what keeps it going, that’s why 21+ shows suck so much.

Also, how much more “up” can the punx get?
Were still trying to figure that out, we're not the biggest Casualties/street punk fans.

What’s your favorite Gary Busey movie?
Either Black Sheep or, if it counts, the T.V. show I’m With Busey.

What 40 oz. do you rock the hardest?
Schlitz malt liquor baby.

Have you ever punched a stripper?
Unfortunately none of us are old enough to go to a strip club, but believe you me, once we are it's stripper punching time.

What’s the best lie you ever told?
We tell people we play good music.

Could Jesus heat a burrito so hot that not even he himself could eat it?
I don’t know, but Jesus definitely heats our burrito.

Did you get laid on prom night?
C’mon man, this is No Brass we're talking about… no, no we didn’t.

If you saw a chick with a star tattoo, would this make you want to fuck her less?
No Brass has no standards.

What’s your favorite place to hit a girl?
If she’s pregnant the stomach, if not anywhere you can put a telephone book in front of. Shit, don’t leave a mark, son.

What socially irresponsible rap music do you support?
Anything that supports the degradation of woman and violence between inner city youth. Basically most rap music.

Why do you think people spend $30 on a faux-vintage shirt to give the impression they spent $2 at Goodwill?
Because they want something vintage that doesn’t smell like piss and dust.

Would it be overly cruel to take orphans to abortion clinic protests?
That’s what No Brass calls comedy.

Which group is more of a collection of uptight assholes who shove their business in your face and resort to violence if you don't conform to their strict rules: Al Queda or Earth Crisis fans?
Earth Crisis fans. I mean, that's one of the few bands that you could see where they'd kick your ass just for having a smoke.

Percentage-wise, how metal would you say you were?
666%, brother!

Fuckin' rad is right. Well, what're ya waitin' for, Chester? Get to downloadin'!

Sixers on the Beach:

Arrogance for an Age of Assholes:

Los Flores Del Muertos:

Dressed For Rain in a Flood:


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