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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Too bad Jack Handey ain't here

I know I make fun of hipsters here a lot kids.

"Yeah, we fucking know. Considering your tone, we didn't think you liked any bands but the Sonics and Kid Dynamite."

I'm not saying I hate all hipster bands! Just the obviously bullshit ones that think being the next Thurston Moore is just a haircut and weird guitar tuning away!

"So do you like Q and Not U?"

Fuck yes! They made some of my favorite local music in the last couple years!

"Checkmate! They made an admittedly killer first album, a boring second record, and then bowed out with a stupid trend-hopping dance-punk third record."

Now hey. It was influenced by vintage Michael Jackson. Like, pre-kid touching Jackson. Good stuff. Well, Michael's. Power was pretty shitty.

"So why do you stick up for Pitchfork garbage?"

Because of that first record. And their two singles. That one they did, On Play Patterns, was fucking killer. Plus, they did the sleeve photos in the National Gallery of Art, so local pride is exploding from my heart. I think they knew the singles was where people would be really listening, so they put more effort into them than the albums.

"I think you're a homo and should listen to more Kid Dynamite."

Eh, you're probably right.

Ten Thousand Animal Cells:

Soft Pyramids:


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