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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Awesome weekend!

This weekend was almost too much rad for me to handle. Put in for an apartment with Chris (and soon Andrea) that we're likely going to get. Ran into Matt and Ginger during yet another sweet Run For Cover - big ups to the bands playing Jesus Lizard, Talking Heads, and old Metallica, big downers to the tools playing Youth of Today and David Bowie. Meh, it can't all be good. (Also, big shout out to Matt for the drinks! Too cool, dude!) Today I saw the Nats kick the ass of the Cleveland Indians 3-1. All in all it was a killer weekend.

I'm too lazy to write a real post or rip another 7", so instead I'm going to give you a peek at the new Gogol Bordello album, Super Taranta!, which recent scientific inquiries have proven to be the best thing ever. Seriously. The only way this isn't going to make my top five at the end of the year is if Fugazi gets back together and puts out five LPs. Eugene still sings like a drunk French sailor and the band still plays like the best party band of all time. Andrea and I are going to see them next month.

Dub the Frequencies of Love:

Wanderlust King:

My Strange Uncles From Abroad:


Blogger Jallen said...

The new Gogol is really, really good. Unfortunatly, it's getting incredibly played out at the record store I work at. I need some Gogol space! Just a little.

8:48 PM


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