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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Jesus, it seems like most of the new rock 'n' roll I listen to is just collaborations between artists I already like. To wit, Armalite (Adam Goren, Dr. Dan Yemin), Greg Graffin (who did his new solo album largely with 3/4 of the Weakerthans), the New Pornographers (AC Newman, Neko Case, and even nerdy Dan Bejer or however the fuck that dude spells it), the Jelvins (Jello Biafra and the Melvins), the Falcon (Brendan Kelley, Dan Andriano), yadda yadda yadda.

Well, you can add Heavens to the mix. Ever since Matt Skiba (of the Alklaine Trio) abandoned Chicago for LA like a total dumbass, he's been living with Joe Steinbrick, aka That Weird Looking Dude Who Plays Bass for F-Minus. Since both are huge post-punk dorks, it was only natural that they would begin working on bleak music together. When I first heard they were collaborating, I was half-expecting Skiba's now-ho-hum macabre lyrics to be paird with the crustie thrash that's F-Minus' stock in trade. In other words, just what we needed - another hardcore band singing about blood and dying.

Imagine my surprise when the leadoff single "Another Night" was released. It was actually a rather enjoyable slab of Depeche Mode-influenced pop-punk. "Another night with your head in the oven/Simmering like a heat wave over you/Sweat drops hiss at the bottom/Blood droplets cook like glue" is as good as any opening verse you'll hear this year. For the most part, Skiba has reined in the more ridiculous lyrical tendencies he developed on the last few Alkaline Trio albums, and Steinbrick has actually written a couple of decent, layered songs. I've yet to hear Patent Pending in its entirety, but if it's as good as some of the songs leaked, then it looks to be a surprisingly decent album. I also wouldn't be shocked if this finds some radio play over the next few months.


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