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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


More vintage California hardcore for y'all. Just what I've been in the mood for, lately. Whenever I get cobwebs on the brain, a blast of thrashy punk is just what the doc ordered.

Founded by druken prankster Casey Royer and his usual partner in crime, musical whiz kid Rikk Agnew, DI is exactly what you'd expect from a duo that met in the first incarnation of Social Distortion and were behind the asshole-savant brilliance of the first Adolescents album. Stuttering blasts of melody careen into snotty lyrics and Royer's surprisingly charismatic delivery.

Virtually every live live recording I've ever heard of this band shows that Royer is a fearless asshole who baits the crowd at any and every given opportunity. There none of that "thanks for having us" or "it's nice to be here" crap. One on bootleg I have, before they even play their first song, he's declaring he doesn't give a shit where he is, then asks a crowd of drunk hardcore kids if they're just a bunch of valley girls before telling them to go see Van Halen. Balls on that one.

In fact, my favorite part of the movie Suburbia (the Spheeris movie, not the crappy 90's one) is when they play "Richard Hung Himself" and Royer pretends to hang himself with his microphone cord while making goofy faces, mocking the suicidally depressed. Hell, even Slayer thought these dudes were badass, covering two DI numbers on Undusputed Attitude.

The other song, "Imminent War," is drawn from Horse Bites, Dog Cries, one of the best hardcore albums of the 80's. Get on it if you don't have it, jackass.


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