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Sunday, July 30, 2006

This Is My Fist

This Is My Fist is one of the most promising young bands out there today and probably the first band from the East Bay worth getting a stiffy over in nigh on ten or fifteen years. They've been banging around in Bay Area garage shows for a while, and they finally caught the ear of No Idea Records (also known as the best record label in America), who're putting out their debut full length in August. You better believe I got that shit on pre-order, holmes. If it's as good as the EP they put out on Left Off the Dial, it's probably gonna make my top ten list at the end of the year.

Other than Against Me!, I can't think of another recent band as passionate or as explosive. Guitarist/singer Annie (who's now my new official Punk Rock Crush - sorry, Corin) sings like her heart is about to explode, and she wants to squeeze out one last song beforehand. While she does have this hippie-like fear of alcohol, she also has said she wants the Mountain Goats to sing her to sleep in person every night. Hey Mary Claire, sounds like I found a cooler version of you!

Knowing how this shit works, they're probably break up within a month of their record coming out, and members will go on to form other, more well-known bands. But hey, you can always score points with some cute scene person by saying you knew about TIMF before they did! Well, if you're that kind of shitsuck. You probably are.

Anyway, "Wooden Bullets" is from their upcoming record A History of Rats. "Story of Reconversion" is from the I Don't Want to Startle You, But... EP, which I highly recommed ordering if you have a turntable.


Anonymous Sandra said...

yer right they are the best and Annie is one of the best song writers to come abouts in the last 5 years, I would say. I personally won't be throwin' my knowledge of them in anyone's face. I'm more into celebrating that we are all so lucky to have this music. word.

and ps. It's refreshing to see a nice person in the punk scene who is NOT and alchoholic and not claiming straight edge. Annie por vida.

11:27 PM

Blogger Matt Ramone said...

Personally, I'm a drunk (but a whimsical one!), but I do respect her personal decisions. She's not throwing them in anyone's face, and that's refreshing.

11:30 PM


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