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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Bronx

I know, I know. Two updates in one day officially means I'm interneting too much. Whatever. I just had to share this song with you, my loving tens of fans. I'm posting this for Mary Claire, so she can fully appreciate exactly how much socks the Bronx rocks.

There's really no other word to describe the Bronx except ROCK. If you have balls, prepare to have them rocked clean off. Halfway between Black Flag and Andrew WK, these dudes bring the hurt. People always wondered why the Bronx always got immediate accolades and sweet opening spots before they really had slogged it out in the trenches with all the other up-and-coming bands. The reason, ladies and gentlemen, is because you know from the very first listen how awesome they are. This is not something that grows on you - it doesn't give you that much mercy. Instead, it grabs you by the hair and rapes your ear. From the moment "Heart Attack American" kicks into high gear, you know you have no choice but to headbang and just fucking rock out.

Their new album, also self-titled, is every bit as good as its predecessor. Though there's nothing on it that can match the orgasmic fury that was "Heart Attack American," it's still a virtually flawless album. If you have sad thoughts in your head or you're depressed or whatever, this will sandblast all the bad shit and cobwebs clean outta your brain. Hell, on "Transsexual Blackout," when Matt Caugthran bellows "I don't want romance/And I don't need a second chance!" he more or less lays complete waste to your girl-obsessed strummers and self-absorbed rockers. Besides, any band that talks shit on LA gets automatic points from me. Here's hoping they burn "this fucking wasteland!"

This ain't for the weak of heart. Consider yourself rocked.


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