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Friday, August 04, 2006


Jonathan put it best when he said "DragonForce is like McDonalad's - bad for you, but still so fucking awesome!" He's right. I want to hate this and say it's cheesy power metal, but I can't stop banging my head. I just want to throw the horns while chanting "Me-tal! Me-tal! Me-tal!" over and over and over.

I know a lot of shitsuck hipsters have gleefully adopted DragonForce as the new Snakes on a Plane, getting hyped, but only ironically. "Haw haw, lookit the longhairs. Yeah dude, these fingertap solos are awesome!" Pay attention, you Lou Reed wannabes: sarcastically liking hesher music (xheshxcorex) makes you worse than someone driving a spray-painted Camaro that has a Van Halen cassette permanently melted in the deck. Yeah, it's cheesy and over the top, but it's fucking fun! Besides, it's so nice to hear a new metal album that doesn't feature the Cookie Monster on lead vocals. It's most of what I liked about the first two Iron Maiden albums (before they hired that histrionic douche nozzle Bruce Dickinson to replace Paul Di'Anno) and the Manowar catalogue and turns it up to 11.

If I were still throwing porch parties at Schmidt, you can bet DragonForce would be in regular rotation.


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