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Monday, May 19, 2008

"Why's he asking if she's ready to be housebroken?" - Cute deaf guy in the record store

While IKEA generally bores or enrages me in equal measure, I did find a kickass shelving unit for my LPs. I now have ~600 out in the living room lookin all fancy like. I still have about 6 or 7 boxes of ~100 to deal with, but all the crucial stuff it out and I have easy access to it. Who wants to party and listen to me blather on endlessly about Little Walter or Coleman Hawkins?

Mailman brought me Fake Problems, O Pioneers!!!, the Unloveables, and Off With Their Heads today. He also brought no bills. The mailman did a good job for once.

MattRamone Has a Posse stickers should be ready in time for Insubordination Fest. If you're going, I'll be more than happy to give you some. Also, I want to go to Philly on July 4th and personally hand one to Paul Delaney during the None More Black reunion. Just look for the guy with sideburns and beer belly trying to makeout with Ryan North and yelling "RAGING FULL ON!" between every song by every band. (Who the fuck else is stoked for Sloppy Seconds?)

Work has been awful this week, so my nights have mostly consisted of beer, playing God of War, reading Green Lantern comics, and trying to fart on Andrea's crotch while I pretend to be asleep. Things have been going really well though, and every day there's another reminder that this is the woman I'm meant to be with. Who else likes it when breakfast is more garlic than egg?

I smell a Sham 69 song:

So I was in the record store last weekend trying to sell about 100 pieces of my collection in order to winnow it down and maybe giving a bigger Feelies fan a chance to listen to their first record on white vinyl. It ended up taking about 3 hours because it was a busy Saturday, so I wandered over to the CVS and bought a double deuce and chilled like a villain and just listened to the music the clerks were playing through the open door. (How is it that we live in a country that the Mexican dudes with weird haircuts get dirtier looks from the patrolling cops than a wildly unshaved guy in a Good Riddance t-shirt drinking out of a brown bag less than 50 yards from a Chuck E. Cheese's?)

Most of the music was the weird arty crap record store clerks listen to because they cannot possibly bear to listen to Stevie Wonder another day, but Dave put on a record that made me actually pay attention. It was this claustrophobic sounding Britpop that clearly had a hardon for the Smiths. Of course I was hooked pretty much instantly on Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. It's clearly nowhere near the equal of the latter band, but none of the jangly Britpop/college rock bands really were. Having never heard the song "Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?" (despite being a Camera Obscura fan), sitting out on a humid spring day, sipping on the 'House, watching people hustle and shuffle about to this song made it seems like a soundtrack as natural and beautiful and painful as the sound of wind or birds. Maybe this is why people have iPods (but also why they get the look of solipsistic mouthbreathers if they have it on for more than ten minutes while interacting with reality).

Dig in, holmes.

Are You Ready? -

Perfect Skin -

Jennifer, She Said -

She's a Girl -


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