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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A very special mix for a very special lady

Like all music nerds, I feel the compulsive need to express feelings through music mixes. And since it is my anniversary with Andrea after all, maybe it would be appropriate to make a list of songs. If you listen to in the next 48 hours of this being posted, there is a good chance we are having sex to this. So think about that when getting your jam on with Phil "Cuntpunt" Collins.

If you've met her, you know why I'm so daffy about her. In fact, the reason the first song on here is the snide "Got My Number" is because she is one of the very few people on the planet who knows me well enough to call me on my shit and make it stick. She can also kick my ass without me letting her win (mostly - it's not like I can employ the Falcon Punch).

She's gorgeous, hilarious, smarter than me by a far sight, nerdy in the sexy way, likes jazz, old country, and indie rock (and tolerates "that gnar gnar shit"), loves SVU and World's Most Shocking Police Videos, drinks beer like a pro, and has eyes that could stop anyone dead in their tracks. I'm a lucky, lucky man, and she knows it. (That makes her dangerous.)

Alright, that's enough of that sappy shit for a while. Time to get back to kicking ass and eating chips.

01. Ben Weasel - Got My Number:

02. Rumbleseat - Jackson:

03. Phil Collins - True Colors:

04. Morrissey - I Like You:

05. Sharon Jones - Make it Good to Me:

06. Mountain Goats - Going to Georgia:

07. The Zombies - I Want Her She Wants Me:

08. Iron and Wine - Sodom, South GA:

09. Defiance, Ohio - Eureka!:

10. Everclear - I Will Buy You a New Life:

11. Pavement - Spit on a Stranger:

12. Ted Leo - The Lost Brigade:

13. The Epoxies - Bathroom Stall:

14. Muddy Waters - My Love Strikes Like Lightning:

15. The Flirtations - Gimmie Love:

16. Postal Service - Brand New Colony:

17. The Ramones - She's the One:

18. Descendents - Silly Girl:

19. Sam Cooke - You Send Me:

20. The Pipettes - I Love You:


Blogger Jonathan said...

#12 was removed.

6:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome. she's lucky too.

4:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's that dude in the picture? Don't tell me you actually fuck that!?!

5:11 PM


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