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Saturday, November 17, 2007

What would you say is your all time favorite album?

The above is the question I sent, unsolicited, to basically every musician on my MySpace page. (*sigh* I know, I know...). There was nothing else in the body of the message and no subject line.

This little diversion was inspired by finding out that there's a good chance they'll be releasing the footage from the Ramones new year's eve show in 1977. Aficionados of da brudders will know that this was released as the record It's Alive, aka my single favorite record of all time. Lord knows how I haven't worn the grooves out of that thing I've played it so damn much. It's everything I love most about rock 'n' roll - fast tempos, chainsaw guitars, catchy pop melodies, four-on-the-floor drumming, and stoopid lyrics written by smart, funny yahoos.

To me, It's Alive, which features selections from their classic first three albums played at blitzkrieg tempos, is the gold standard for rock music. It's the culmination of everything great about rock music up until that point, i.e. the snotty attitude of the greasers, the melody of the bubblegum pop groups, the retarded sexuality of the Stooges, and the guitar roar of a million garage bands all poured into a blender marked "breakneck." The Ramones made it okay to be a freak and a nerd, and It's Alive is in my opinion the height of rock 'n' roll of every genre.

So what did those I wrote to have to say when asked about their own personal favorites? (In cases where it wasn't signed, I'll just lust the group.) Some interesting choices.

"The Last - LA Explosion"

-The Descendents

"Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Arby's, think fresh." (Wesley Willis, WHAT?)

-Joey Erg, the Ergs!

"only one??? come on, man!

Husker Du - Flip Your Wig

Hickey - Naked Cult

The Who - 30 years of Maximum R&B

Cheap Trick - S/T
Black Flag - ANYTHING... well, except Rollins

That's only grazing the top. Why would you make me choose??!?!?!"

-Annie, This is My Fist

"For this time of year? Silver Jews- The Natural Bridge"

-Landis?, Cinemasophia

"Too hard to choose. 24 Hour Revenge, London Calling, My Brain Hurts, Death Certificate, ETC..."

-Chicken, Dead to Me

"In general? "Quadrophenia" by The Who. Punk? "Boom!" by the Sonics, Screams first record or maybe even "Throb Throb" by Naked Raygun. Or "Tired Of You" by Scared Of Chaka? Man, too many to list...."

-Dillinger Four

"probably the West Side Story soundtrack, or 36 Chambers, maybe London Calling, or Kiss Alive II. Hard to say. You?"

-Paint it Black

"Down - NOLA
but these ones are right behind it
Latterman - We are still alive
Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
High on Fire - Death Is This Communion
Jawbreaker - Bivouac"

-Randall, No Brass

"My all time favorite albums would have to be "this is satire" by None More Black, anything by Jawbreaker, "astray" by Samiam, and also anything by the master blasters, Dillinger Four (I say master blaster to look like a fuckin idiot), the whole thing changes all the time though, but those are some definites. How about you?"

-Tyler, No Brass

"i dont know what the other guys are going to say, but "this is satire" by none more black is one of my favorite albums... two close seconds are "left & leaving" by the weakerthans and "makers" by rocky votolato... "

-Max, No Brass

"Gold - ABBA"

-The Briefs

"difficult question and one with an answer that changes w/ the months and sobriety.right now i would say gino washington's "out of this world" on norton records."

-Shake Revard, Thee Crucials

"Oh sheeeet! That's a tough one...At this current state in time, I'd have to go with The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette, with a close second to The Smiths - The Queen is Dead."

-Nick?, The Limit Club

"Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

The Stairs, Mexican R&B, also comes to mind."

-Sean Crowley, The Hall Monitors

"I don't know, maybe thriller"

-The Points (I love these guys so much)

"I'd have to say that my favorite album is the Hank Williams box set that was released in the late 70's. It has almost all of the stuff on it, it's essential for any songwriter or musician to have, it's VINYL!!, it's relatively easy to get your hands on, and what ding-dong wouldn't love Hank, anyway? Really though......I think it should be in everyones record collection."

-The incomparable Slick Andrews

"Not a fair question. Here are several candidates, in no particular order.
Rubber Soul ,The Beatles
This Year's Model, Elvis Costello
Twenty Golden Greats, Buddy Holly
Get The Knack, The Knack
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John
The Sun Sessions, Elvis Presley
Revolver, The Beatles
Beatles 65, The Beatles
Johnny Cash and his Red Hot and Blue Guitar, Johnny Cash
Live at The Apollo, James Brown"

-The equally incomparable JP McDermott

"captain beefheart-safe as milk"

-The Black Lips

"Leave Home by The Ramones or Psychocandy by Jesus and Mary Chain"

-Joe Queer, The Queers

"I really like m. ward - transistor radio"

-Fake Problems

Thanks to everyone who responded!


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The Stairs, Mexican R&B

Cool. Glad to see this mentioned.

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