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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just what the bastard karma doctor shoved down the throat

Something's eating at me like cancer I can see, and I don't know what to do about it. Watched two batshit awesome stupid movies (The Tripper and Invasion USA) with one of my best friends, and that was a fun distraction. There's nothing I can do and nothing that won't turn my brain off. I've got hella meetings tomorrow and I don't know if I'm going to sleep. I'm a little drunk. Dave was better than Scott. I preferred the first Steve Holt. I'm probably being paranoid over something someone is taking care of all on their own. I wish I could find her weed. I'd give anything for a flask of rum, a loud $2 cheapie escapist movie, and the person who laughs when I do.

How many emo-ska kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? Four. One to screw it in and three to suck it up suck it up suck it up.

So I tried listening to the new Atmosphere album as a form of cheap escapism. "Fuck You Lucy" and all that. No such thing found here. It's jazzy and quiet and depressing. Any anger found here is slow burning, like a vengeful ember keeping itself alive out of spite until you step on it with a bare foot. I had entirely different expectations when they offered up a free party album for download months before their new album dropped. It was a far cry from the lashing out Slug we found on You Wouldn't Believe. It was raunchy and battle-ready, like a solo take on his records with Felt. (See "YGM.") But on the new shit, it's like a kid in the corner telling you a story because he doesn't know how not to. Even realtive ravers like "Dreamers" is quiet, minor, and claustrophobic.

Maybe it's what I'm feeling now. Maybe it's the fact that Atmosphere made the most devastating record since the last ballad-heavy Lucero album. Get a joint, get a quiet room, get an open floor, get down in the sad way, and queue up When Life Gives You Lemons. Some of you should make it out alive.


Like the Rest of Us -

Dreamer -

Painting -

Your Glass House -


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