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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fuck your Copyrights law

Pop punk gets such a bad rap, which is not fair at all. Well, I guess if you worship at the altar of Fallout Boy or H20, I guess you'd think it was the realm of tatted-up douchebags who will not ever shut up about melodramatic actions or who their fucking friends are. (Other than Agnostic Front's "Public Assistance," has there ever been a worse NYHC song than the H20 one that goes "crazy fuckin' summer hangin' out with Madball/People got their ass kicked, people got hurt/I accepted it for all it was worth"?) But the Copyrights are a band that while sounding ready for prime time and deals with Geffen, kick major amounts of ass and stick with indie radness Red Scare Records. Not that I would begrudge them a seat at the major label merry go round, but still.

This is the kind of music that doesn't warrant much over explaining. Since my card was maxed out, I made Andrea order me the copy of Make Sound on green vinyl despite the fact she's not down for the band. Apparently she's selling out or something. She's lucky she's so damn pretty.

To try and analyze it too deeply would be to ignore the appeal of Bo Diddley-ripped vocals and that drumbeat that makes EVERYONE dance and the 1-2-3-4 guitars that win you over with sheer melodic sensibility. Good straightforward rock music is easy to ruin with words and hard to explain with the same. Suffice it to say that they're a band perfect for getting high and drunk then then running around in circle until you pass out from exhuastion. They're a reminder that if you have X's on your hands, the only reasonable excuse is that you're underage at a club.

Appreciate this shit for what it is and make sure to check them out if they're coming to your town. Hit up DC, dudes!


Blogger Karl Bakla said...

how about that horrible band Hazen Street that had memebers of H20 7 Madball, man I am so drunk right now....

2:15 AM

Blogger Karl Bakla said...

Great pop punk how about Fay Wray? the on no Idea records!

2:16 AM

Anonymous Subwayscott said...

I have to say that the Copyrights are a band that has gotten better (in my opinion) with every release. Its hard to imagine they'll be able to top Learn the Hard Way, but the again, I thought the same thing when they released Mutiny Pop and Make Sound too.

I'll also say that the green vinyl of Make Sound seemed a little thin and flimsy as far as records go.

Lastly, quit rippin' on H2O and Madball, bro. Thats all I listen to when I'm with my bro's poundin' beers and chasin' skanks and kickin' ass. You don't know what you're missin' out on, bro. You know what I'm sayin', bro?

10:45 AM

Blogger spike. said...

Saw the Copyrights last Saturday with Teenage Bottlerocket. So much pop-punk sweetness, I got cavities.

Extra points for my review of the Copyrights latest on punknews. Yes, I will sign autographs at a Price.

1:48 PM

Blogger AlexCanteen said...

Just found your blog.
The Copyrights are just amazing. I remember hearing Make Sound for the first time and thinking that this is what Pop-Punk should sound like. Getting their old stuff did not disappoint, and holy hell does Learn the Hard Way rock my face off every time I hear the opening track.

5:21 PM


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