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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A TKAAD sneak preview! Common's new album has a 95% chance of being completely rad

Some songs from Common's upcoming record Finding Forever have leaked (likely as part of a deliberate hype attempt by his record label - they'll still sue your ass, though), and I for one have a raging mega huge boner of anticipation for it. His last record, Be, is one of the best hip hop albums ever. He kept it short and kept in the winners instead of trying to turn 40 minutes of killer shit into 70 minutes of pressing forward on the CD changer.

I'm glad he decided to stick with Kanye West as a producer, since they're such kindred musical souls, West's soul samples and Common's Soul Brother #1 voice meshing like they were made for each other.

Anyway, I'll probably write more when the album actually drops, but if the preview EP is any indication, it's gonna slay. I dunno if "A Dream" is going to be included on the final album cut, cause it was already on the soundtrack for Middle Class White Girl With a Dream Inspires Minority Students Movie #14563-H. Or Freedom Writers. They all kinda blend together, and after Half Nelson, they're all kind of redundant anyway.

I would like to add as a side note that while Finding Forever will likely be an amazing record, the cover art is some of the most atrocious I've ever seen: Fuck were you guys thinking?

A Dream:


The People:


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