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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Flirtations and making records outside of the Motown ghetto

Ok, so if that title doesn't make me the Don Imus of the blogosphere (ok, I just felt a chill saying such a stupid word), then I figure either 1) my readership is sane enough not to fly off the handle like a bunch of pricks or 2) no one's reading this thing. Lemme wager on the true statement, and I'll be honest - I ain't bettin' on myself.

The Flirtations were the band that coulda shoulda woulda. Like Detroit's phenomenal JJ Barnes, the Flirtations were a great Motown-styled group who should've had monster hit after monster hit, but didn't for inexplicable reasons. (If you think "Chains of Love" shouldn't have been the biggest song of the 60's, you have another thing coming.) Their history is filled with almost-got-it's and near-misses, placing just outside the top 100 and not getting the radio airplay they so richly deserved.

They changed labels a bunch of time, recorded a bunch of killer songs, but still never managed to catch on. Chalk it up to them not having Berry Gordy's machine behind them. For people who hate The Big Chill but thought the soundtrack had potential.

Nothing But a Heartache:

Change My Darkness Into Light:


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