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Friday, April 06, 2007

Thank god Off With Their Heads are assholes

So after reading a Razorcake interview in which the bluest of collar punk rockers (they're construction workers when they ain't on the road) Off With Their Heads talked shit about the Lawrence Arms and shooting fireworks at"Sublime dudes" from the roof of a house, all I could think was "thank fuckin' GOD." So many douchebags these days are "keepin' it posi" and glad handing each other that we NEED some assholes to stir up trouble and basically act like juvenile delinquents well into their 30's while rocking so damn hard you feel like your eyes are gonna pop out of your head and that your arms are never gonna stop flailing and the ringing in your ears mixes with the hollering in your throat to the point where you can't tell the two apart anymore.

Every bit as tight and muscular as DOA during their late 70's/early 80's heyday, OWTH play the gritty kind of melodic beardpunk that hasn't been done really all that well since the Dillinger Four put out their first 7" records, all played with the verve and fuck-you gusto of the Replacements on a good bad-night. Minneapolis wins again.

Your Child is Dead:

Five Across the Eyes:

That Must Be Nigel With the Brie:


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