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Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Picking your things out of the trash" - The Scourge of the Sea

Fun times with Chris last night. We went to the Velvet Lounge to see Lexington, KY's own The Scourge of the Sea, and those dudes killed it. I liked the few songs I'd heard by them, but you never know how mellow indie rock a la the Shins or AC Newman's solo record will sound on a stage facing a room full of rowdy, mouthy drunks. I was was surprised how well it came across, honestly. Usually, sadsack post-indie songs appeal to me largely in certain circumstances, i.e. a back full of bed and an gaze full of ceiling (and a heart full of melancholy, but saying that out loud makes me sound like a homo). They ended up balancing everything really well, and the cello and accordian were nice flourishes that added rather than detracted. Besides, unlike swishier acts from the same genre, Andrew English can actually fucking sing, which is a nice change of pace.

I ended up buying a CD from them, which I almost never do, so you know I was impressed. Make Me Armored is rad, and might have made my 2006 year-end list if I had heard it early enough. "Smitten Kittens" has been playing on endless loop all day, and it's good enough to make me put off spinning the new Brother Ali record, if that tells you anything.

They start another tour at the end of this month, so go check 'em out if they're coming to your city. Good way to spend a hazy, laid-back night out on the town.


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