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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Hanson Brothers - or - shut the puck up!

My puns are getting worse and worse. I think I need to start drinking more.

Saw Zodiac with Chris tonight. Fuckin' amazing. David Fincher wins again. Anyway, since the movie was like three hours and it's almost two in the morning, I'm gonna make this short so's I can rest up and go party tomorrow night.

The only problem I have with telling people I like the Hanson Brothers is that they assume I'm referring to those towheaded, shoulda-been-abortions trio of girlish looking pop singers whose song "Mmmbop!" has become more than ubiquitous enough to make buzzed secretaries at happy hour play it on the jukebox while squealing through its runtime. No campers, I'm referring to the ridiculously fun Canadian punk band.

So imagine this. Your day job is playing in NoMeansNo, one of the most intense, complicated, off-kilter punk-influenced bands of all time.* What do you do to blow off musical steam and have fun with your craft from time to time? Start a Ramones-style band with short, goofy, catchy songs about hockey and getting drunk. It only seems appropriate that they would name themselves after the trio of borderline-retarded ice hooligans in the riotous movie Slapshot. To this day, they're the only punk band to play the NHL All-Star Game, and songs like "Duke it Out" show you why. I recommend starting with the Matt Party Standard albums Gross Misconduct and My Game, which might have my favorite parody cover of all time.

For people who want to hear the equivalent of Brian Cox starring in Super Troopers (sort of).

*For the record, I would just like to say that the Mars Volta wish they could make a record like NoMeansNo's Wrong, but then what would they do with all their spare wankery?

My Girlfriend's a Robot:

Duke it Out:

I've Been There:

Honey, I'm Home!:


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"Honey, I'm Home" links to the "I've Been There" download, 'cause you're a sloppy drunk.

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