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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm into pop-punk - or - I don't care what Pitchfork thinks

So with the release of Pop Punk Isn't Dead, I felt the need to reinforce this belief for people that might be a schoch incredulous. I'm way too drunk to do anything but defend a subgenre against spurlious claims made by people that have no clue what they're talking about.

If you think a genre is defined entirely by New Found Glory and Good Charlotte, check out this mix. Maybe it'll save you from the dark side. Mitch Clem can feel your pain.

If you need hooky breakdowns, maybe you need to pause here.

01. Alkaline Trio - Armageddon:

02. Dead to Me - Don't Life:

03. The Descendents - Sick-o-Me:

04. The Methadones - Say Goodbye:

05. The Soviettes - Hanging Up the Phone:

06. The Queers - Never Ever Ever:

07. The Huntingtons - Jeannie Hates the Ramones:

08. The Lawrence Arms - The Rabbit and the Rooster:

09: One Reason - The End Never Mattered:

10. Osker - Lucky:

11. Latterman - Doom, Doom, Doom!:

12. None More Black - Oh, There's Legwork:

13. The Ergs! - 3 Girth Units:

14. The Mr. T Experience: She's Coming (Over Tonight):

15. Jawbreaker - Boxcar (2):

16. This is My Fist - Story of Reconversion:

17. Teen Idols - Her Only One:

18. Dillinger Four - Let Them Eat Thomas Paine:

19. Grabass Charlestons - Prosthetic Soul:

20. Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be a Homosexual:

21. Discount - Bloody Mediocrity:

22. Millencolin - Montego:

23. Vandals - I Know, Huh?:

24. The Manges - Do the Loser:

25. Sloppy Seconds - So Fucked Up:

26. Teenage Bottlerocket: Go Away:

27. Dag Nasty - What Now?:

28. Leatherface - Baked Potato:

29. The Copyrights - Crybabies:

30. Fifth Hour Hero - Reticent to Romance:


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