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Friday, March 16, 2007

So close! - or - The All-Girl Summer Fun Band

It's rainy and miserable here in the DC (don't call it that*), so I decided to break out my old copy of the All-Girl Summer Fun Band's second LP, the aptly titled 2. It's a fun burst of catchy springtime songs, perfectly suited for a cold beer on a warm afternoon sitting on a porch in Anytown, USA. Jeremy Romanga's production really brought the gals to life. It also helps that they wrote their best set of songs yet for the release.

Of course, it's been four years since it dropped, but we've heard not too much from the band since then. It doesn't help that Kathy's other band, the Thermals, really took off, while Jen is pulling duties with the more popular Softies. As far as I know, they're also still working that summer rock camp for girls (misandronists).

And honestly, let's face facts here. The members of the band are like a point or two off hot, which unfortunately still affects female bands in the indie world. As great a voice as Neko Case has, I doubt she'd be as wildly popular (in terms of the fringe acceptance) if she looked less like a striking redhead and more like your Aunt Gertrude. If the AGSFB was as boneriffice as, say, the Pipettes, they'd probably be a huge draw in a scene full of bespectacled, nerdy guys. Oh well, at least we'll have two good records of big hooks, sing-a-long harmonies, and pure guitar sugar. I honestly love listening to them when grilling.

* Arrested Development reference, DUH.

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