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Thursday, March 15, 2007

"What's your reason for existence?" - The Subhumans (UK)

In the process of writing a review of the new Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish split LP out now on Fat Wreck/Alternative Tentacles (depending on whether or not you cast your lot in with the digital age or stay stuck with yours truly in the bygone age of analog), I ended up thinking of the Subhumans, largely because 1) Citizen Fish is the Subhumans in ska disguise, and 2) Leftover Crack covers what might be my favorite Subhumans song, "Reason for Existence."

The Subhumans (the ones from England, not to be confused with the rad band from Canada) have been one of my favorite bands since high school. In fact, the time in school when I got picked up by the cops, I was wearing a shirt depicting the cover art to The Day the Country Died, which you can bet nothing but help my case for not being a gun-toting loner (long story).

ANYWAY, they made a bunch of killer records and broke up for a while so they could play political ska in the guise of Citizen Fish, but they're been playing shows as the Subhumans again in recent memory. I dunno if I'd wanna hear a new record from them, though, to be honest. Fat Mike'd probably stick 'em in a studio with Ryan Greene, making them sound like a skate band (cross reference the first couple Good Riddance albums). They were definitely a band that benefited from poor production, which goes for most hardcore bands. That way, the bass melody is audible and you can hear the singer over the guitars. God only knows what the the Adolescents would have sounded like if they'd come up in the age of xBroxCorex.

ANYWAY, the Subhumans always stood out from the rest of the streetpunk/Oi! bands they came up with because there was always something weirdly atmospheric about their music. Maybe it was the Sabbath-esque minor keys, but they always sounded like a cross between the Sex Pistols and Joy Division to me. (The snots amongst you are saying, "durrr, they call it Warsaw, LOSER." To them I say, stop cranking it for five minutes. You're just as bad as World of Warcraft dorks.) If you're working on your punk collection, the Subhumans' Day the Country Died and EP LP are absolutely indispensable.

Drugs of Youth:

Reason for Existence:

Mickey Mouse is Dead:

Subvert City:




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