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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Davie Allan and the Arrows - or - I didn't know bikers surfed

Chris and I talked about surf music and soundtracks tonight while shooting the shit and pool at Q Balls - mostly how it was a damn shame most people know Dick Dale from Pulp Fiction's intro and Pizza Hut commercials. (We also talked about Wolfenstein 3D and why Hot Fuzz was a fucking great movie, but I digress.) Real surf rock gets kind of a short shrift in the history books, unfortunately - most people just know "Misirlou" and the Beach Boys.

Davie Allan and the Arrows are a group that gets some of that short shrift. While not the technical wizard Dick Dale was (in the genre, only Mike Palm comes close, and he was a punk, so he didn't emphasize it), Allan still was one of the foremost advancers of surf music.

However, thanks to producer/svengali Mike Curb (who founded fuck-you,-artists label Curb), they mostly did soundtracks for grindhouse biker movies like Devil's Angels and Thunder Alley. They still have that reverbed-out-the-ass surf sound that I love, and "Blue's Theme" is one of the most badass songs of the decade. Andrew and I borrow a lot of each other's records, and Devil's Rumble was one of the only ones I ever had a problem getting back. It's too killer for words.

Alright, I'm drunk. I'm going now. You got an update, you bastards; you happy?

Blue's Theme:

Mind Transferral:

Moondawg '65:



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