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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Dubliners - or - shitkicking melancholy

Saw The Wind That Shakes the Barley late last night with the other art house lurkers. I wish it had captions since I couldn't understand maybe a fifth of the dialogue (imagine a movie populated almost entirely by more erudite versions of Mickey from Snatch), and having a working knowledge of the Irish rebellion/revolution helps, but I still enjoyed it, though I wish the climax had more of a Breaker Morant feel to it. ("Shoot straight, you bastards, and don't make a mess of it!")

Anyway, the nerd film critic in me aside (like I hold a candle to Chris), it was a touching portrait of the Irish, at least to an Anglo-as-fuck American 90 years removed. I've always found the Irish to be one of the most eminently likable people on the planet. Colin Farrel aside, I can't think of much that they've foisted upon Western culture than I didn't like.

One my favorite foistings is the band that inspired one of my favorite bands, the Pogues. The Dubliners were the real deal, kids. If you've ever been with me to Auld Sheeban's and wondered what the fuck requests I were yelling at the bands, the Dubliners are to blame. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't know about "The Rocky Road to Dublin." While easy-to-swallow bands like the Clancy Brothers were winning over the New York folk scene with their clean sweaters and bland harmonies, the Dubliners were the bearded, hard-drinking alternative for people who enjoy beer more than food - check out their classic, More of the Hard Stuff.

They're still knocking around with varying line-ups, but as is almost the case, the vintage recordings are the place to go. This is what Shane MacGowan was rockin' between the Sex Pistols and speed binges.

Beer, Beer, Beer:

Mountain Dew:

Parcel of Rogues:

Rocky Road to Dublin:

Tim Finnegan's Wake:

Wild Rover:


Blogger Chris said...


Will Arnett did the narration for "Don't"!

10:43 PM

Blogger Chris said...

And when I wrote this last message I didn't think about mentioning the awesomeness of the Dubliners.

11:02 PM


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