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Monday, April 09, 2007

Paul Westerberg gets a free pass for life

Yeah, he's a bit past his hayday, but Paul Westerberg will now and forever get a free pass from me for anything he wants to do and any way he wants to do it. Attention aspiring songwriters and mawkish I-don't-give-a-fucks: you will never ever be as cool as Paul Westerberg, nor will you ever write a song as good as "If Only You Were Lonely." Please return to your basements and keep woodshedding. Thanks.

For those of you who live under rocks and think Nickelback is better than Nirvana (fuck is wrong with you?), he started off as the too-drunk-to-fuck leader of one of the single greatest rock bands ever, the Replacements. Even though the 'Mats kinda spiraled after they kicked out lead guitarist Bob Stinson (coke makes you do nutty things, kids...s'why it's so cool), they still managed a slew of rad songs. After they broke up, he struck off for the solo career thing. Two songs on the Singles soundtrack later, he had a contract with Reprise that went nowhere. I mean, c'mon, how was "Stain Yer Blood" not a HUGE hit in the era of flannel and that cuckoo mixture of practiced indifference and misguided idealism?

Anyway, dude won't be playing for about another year. He severely hurt his hand with a screwdriver or something, and playing guitar is about 12 loooooong months away. The world needs Westerberg. Dude is Alex Chilton and Bob Dylan all in one. Dude's written some of the best rock songs ever, and therefore me (and hopefully you) will be around for whatever music he decides to foist upon the American public. Cheers, bucko!

Waiting For Somebody:

World Class Fad:

Stain Yer Blood:

The Best Thing That Never Happened:


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