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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is cooler than your life

Ever since my return to blogging, I've been focusing mostly on punk music. I realized that if I followed through with my initial plan to write about the Grabass Charlestons or Discharge, it would make me officially the whitest blogger currently operating. Instead, I decided to finally write about the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, some of the coolest cats what ever roamed the planet. If Jon and I were still roommates, this is the shit we'd be rocking nightly while playing Dynasty Warriors and drinking case after case of Stroh's.

When Chris and I get a place in town and Andrea moves up here, in between B-movie marathons and drinking contests (and mad sexin' wit' mah ladee), we're so gonna be jamming some Dirty Dozen. This is total Black Caesar music, good for rocking the house parties and low-key get-together shindigs alike. Any group that starts off as part of a Baptist youth group is either going to be 1) completely awful or 2) ridiculously soulful. Dirty Dozen falls in the latter category without a doubt. Combining jazz and funk in a wholly fun way (say, the Meters or the Famous Flames meets King Curtis' band), this is the kind of music anyone can love. If I heard them in a bar, I would declare them the best bar music since Hank Williams, Sr. It's the fund kind of music that takes you away from your problems for the evening, and makes you forget that you have to pay the bills and get up tomorrow for work.

For the bad-haircut crew reading this, they were the band that played the brass parts on Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News. Happy? Get your groove on.

Dead Dog in the Street:

L'il Liza Jane:

St. James Infirmary:

Unclean Waters:



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