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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"What is it that scares you?" - Fake Problems

I've been meaning to blog about these dudes for a while, but I just never got around to it until now. Well, shit with a new record coming out this year on indier-than-thou Sabot Productions (who put out vinyl for None More Black, the Hold Steady, and Lucero, so I can't knock 'em too much...), it seemed like the perfect time. Plus, work let out early on account of the weather, so I've been drinking malt liquor for the last three hours, and I'm half-cocked and mouthy. So....punk rock, baby! (I'm gonna read this tomorrow and slap my forehead, probably.)

I suppose I should get the Against Me! comparisons out of the way. Blah blah blah started off in florida blah blah blah originally a solo act that accumulated members blah blah blah playing a hybrid of punk and traditional American music blah blah blah kids with beards really dig 'em. Got it? Good.

Fake Problems plays this kind of twangy punk rock that could have only come from Florida (these days) and should appeal to people who have Radon and Marty Robbins touching on their record shelf. As my hetero soulmate Aaron and I have often discussed, punk, blues, folk, and country music are all coming from the same place, ultimately. If you hear a huge difference between Johnny's Ramone's guitar and Howlin' Wolf's voice, it means you ain't payin' attention. Morrissey was essentially channeling Hank Williams through the spectrum of girl groups, and Oi! music is Leadbelly with football chants and too much cheap beer.

Anyway, Fake Problems' last release, Spurs and Spokes/Bull > Matador is a killer barnstorm of country twang and punk tempos, and frankly the best cowpunk release I've heard since Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon released Prarie Home Invasion. They've got a new record out this year called How Far Our Bodies Go, and early word is that it's gonna be rad, if the song "Real Problems in SRQ" is any indication. (PS - if you wanna know the story behind the song, check this: Besides, they're recording it with Rob McGregor, who has a pretty good track record.

Alright, time to heat up some leftovers and watch Arrested Development. Ahh, the life of the swingin' single.

Untitled (acoustic) -

Motion of the Ocean -

Degree'd or Denounced -

Real Problems in SRQ -


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