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Friday, February 02, 2007

I need your help!

Hey kids. I need a bit of help here. As you may have noticed, my audio links no longer work. I need a free file hosting site, or else this site is no more. If you know a reliable, non-pain-in-the-ass file hosting site, please please please tell me. I love writing here, but I feel like it would be pointless without the free mp3 samples. Music means more to me than god and country, and only slightly less than family and friends, so you know it means the fucking world to me. I love sharing it with people. The person who helps me out gets a total TKAAD shoutout.

Also, apparently Dave from Radon reads this thing, which made me blush more than a virgin perusing a porn site. Dave, if you read this, please know that I love your band and would basically fist myself to hang out with you guys. Make it happen, dude!

Hopefully be hitting y'all back soon with more killer tuns and pithy, drunk commentary!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yousendit ( is a pretty good one, it is free, you just have to compress files if it is more than 1 song, or you can just go 1 at a time.

8:18 PM


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