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Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Pilled to the gills, prowlin' through bars" - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

Ok, so the phrase "cabaret punk" makes me think of Rocky Horror, which makes me think of ugly weirdos transmitting the same strain of anal scabs amongst each other. I don't like thinking about this, so everyone is now banned upon pain of noogies to from utilizing this phrase, be it verbal or written. Besides, I think people only lump the World/Inferno Friendship society in with punk because most of their songs are uptempo and they sing about anarchy (plus, singer Jack Terricloth used to be in Sticks and Stones with punk legend Johnny X, so yanno, cred out the ying-yang).

Basically, the only non-fruity way I can of to describe this band is by saying "Dexy's Midnight Runners meets Ted Leo." It's real brassy without necessarily being ska, which I've missed since Rocket From the Crypt broke up and Streetlight Manifesto decided they would tour on the same small set of original songs FOREVER like they were freaking Agent Orange or something.

While I'm not as crazy obsessed with them like some of their freakier fans, I do think they're plenty rad and am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow at the Black Cat when they open for Lifetime. I'm going to get drunk and holler at Franz Nikolay a lot because that dude slays it like no one else. Seriously, if you have the pianist from the Hold Steady in your band, your band is automatically awesome. I don't care if it's experiemental noise/dub.

PS - And yes, I am stoked about seeing Lifetime, even if they sound kinda like Good Charlotte now. Shit, so long as I get to see Dr. Dan Yemin play live and they play "Hey Catrine," "Knives, Bats, New Tats," "Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey," and "Young, Loud, and Scotty," I'll be happy.

Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA -

Zen and the Art of Breaking Everything -

Brother of the Mayor of Bridegwater -

Hothouse Flowers -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so they opened for the bouncing souls but as my bad luck would have it i missed them and showed up just in time for whole wheat bread. life isn't fair.

ah well.


10:46 PM


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