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Friday, February 02, 2007

"I walk these streets every night" - Whatever it Takes

One of the things Aaron and I bonded over was our love of Anti-Flag. Yeah yeah, I know what you're saying, and all I can say in response is "fuck you." Sometimes you just want to pump your fist and get pissed off about the government. Anyway, it's important for future bandmembers to understand exactly how awesome the song "That's Youth" is. Anyway, after Andy Flag quit the band, Chris #2 took over on bass. And he KILLED. Dude is one of my bass guitar heroes. Just listen to the intro from "Bring Out Your Dead" and get back to me.

ANYWAY, #2 had a side project for a while called Whatever it Takes, and they slayed. Since singing about your feelings was not part of the Anti-Flag agenda of songs about why George Dubya wasn't quite qualified for office, I guess he had to have an outlet for his more personal compositions.

Whatever it Takes played the same kind of sloppy punk I love, and they would have been on No Idea if they hadn't been so emo, I guess. What's this emotional punk I keep hearing about? Perhaps it will one day become a youth trend.

PS - ignore the fact that they took THE GAYEST PRESS PHOTOS EVER
Green Light, Yellow Light, Stop -


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