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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rjd2 - or - more beats than Ike Turner

News item the first: My good friend Chris FINALLY got a new blog. If you're into movies, it's worth checking out. This is one of the few people in the world who might be able to outdrink me at a keggar, so pay your respects, kids. http://film-blender.blogsp

News item the second: Getting The Complete Calvin and Hobbes in the mail might be the highlight of my week, and keep in mind I have tickets to see Lifetime and World/Inferno Friendship Society this weekend.

Dunno why I've been listening to so much dancey music lately. Giorgio Moroder, New Order, CSS, Brazillian Girls, usual, I could go the fuck on, but I won't. Work's been stressing me out, so I imagine listening to a bunch of punk songs going "rah rah rah work sucks I hate my boss fuck paying rent rah rah rah" would be a depressing exercise. Other than the Grabass Charlestons and This is My Fist, it's been almost straight dance music for me.

Rjd2 is one of the best DJs working today. (Not that there's a lot of competition when you consider how many DJs just run a repetitive sequencer track over the hook to some pop song and vocoder up the chorus. Not to take away from Rj's obvious skills, though.) I guess when you live in Columbus, OH, there's not a lot to do but drink, fuck, read, and make music.

I know what you're thinking. "Oh boy, ANOTHER dorky-lookin' honky signed to Definitive Jux. Yeah, THAT's new." Well, shut your snide mouth, you insolent hipster. Besides, he's not on Def Jux anymore; he signed to XL Records and has been promising to go "more pop," whatever that means. His songs are pretty catchy as is.

EDIT - One of the people I love most in the world just suffered an awful loss, so I'm going to cut this short. Any question you have, I'm sure you can Google. This is way the fuck more important.

The Horror -

Smoke and Mirrors -

1976 -

Good Times Roll, Pt. 2 -

Junior (instrumental, from his collab with Aceyalone) -


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