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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Giorgio Moroder, the man with the 'stache of gold

Don't the Italian mustache fool you - Giorgio Moroder was a visionary. Yeah, he looks like some coke-fueled dipshit that hassles 14 year old girls outside of ice-skating rinks, but hey, it was the 70's. It was almost expected of you.

I'm surprised I'd only heard of him recently, as apparently the dude has done a TON of soundtracks, including Scarface and The Neverending Story. He also collaborated with Donna Summer and Berlin on some of their biggest hits. You might also recognize him from the huge part he played in the songs from the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game.

On his own, he released some of the most groundbreaking electronic albums this side of Kraftwerk. Where Kraftwerk were cold, distant, and basically the inspiration for every snide electronica fan that ever existed, Moroder's music was warm and dancey. It's good music to take drugs to, and who the hell can argue with that?

From Here to Eternity -

Faster Than the Speed of Love -

Chase -


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