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Thursday, July 12, 2007

It means WHAT in Swedish? - Millencolin

So apparently iTunes is fucking up the mix CDs I made for my girlfriend. Go to hell Steve Jobs for using your evil scheme to ruin my gift of love!

I love Millencolin. I admit it. I may not be the loudest advocate of their early work, but you can't deny the goofy charm to songs like "Lozin; Must" and "Fox," the latter a love song to a silver moped that sounds more sincere than most songs written about a woman or the government. I dunno what it is about Scandinavians making pop-punk that doesn't totally blow. Maybe it's something in their socialized water.

Their early work aside, it's their second coming in the form of Home From Home that hits me in the gut so hard. While not an entirely serious affair like the last Blink 182 album, it's pretty heavy for a bunch of guys who seemingly wear baseball hats for a living. There's still traces of goofiness - including a paen to a...houseplant - but it's almost totally a muscular amping up of their melodic sound and misfit outlook. The churning "Afghan" is a rocket shot through ruminations on revenge, while the rifftastic "Kemp" coulda shoulda woulda* been their breakout hit in America. It's such a departure from their skater rock and Scandinavian-to-English dictionary lyrical structure that it almost sounds like a different band.

For fans of Randy and those who actually admit what they listened to in high school.

*Sorry to Bob Newscaster!

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Millencolin? Sounds like a prescription pill.

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