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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Bay-bee I'm so glad I cayyyyy-umm!" - Wylde Knights

I'm writing this at work, so it's gonna be short and sweet. I promise to make a more substantial post about another band later today (probably to hype up the Medications/Channels bill next weekend at the Black Cat).

While you're waiting, check out this gem from the archives, a standout track from one of the innumerable Pebbles compilations. I like Pebbles more than Nuggets, but less than Teenage Shutdown. If you think garage rock started when Julian Casablancas got a stupid haircut, check those comps out. Nothing like smash-and-bash teenagers trying to be the Rolling Stones and failing in the best way possible. If you're like me and think punk rock started with the Sonics, you'll get a woody for this.


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