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Thursday, September 14, 2006

"And I swore to no compromise" - The Decemberists

Any band that names themselves after a revolution (failed or not) better be pretty fucking amazing. Up until now, the Decemberists had never cut the mustard in my eyes. Cutting a couple mediocre records on the queen of the dickpigs label Kill Rock Stars, I'd always hear a few songs from this Portland quintet that I would like, but their albums were usually boring, dreary affairs. I'd file them away under "Boner and Sebastian" and get on with my life, trying to stomach their staunch dork fans I would encounter at parties. Other than the amusing video they cut for "16 Military Wives," their critically acclaimed last album (Picaesque) failed to really capture my attention.

When they jumped the indier-than-thou KRS ship for the luxury cruise liner the SS Capitol Records, I figured the backlash would the same as what happened to the awkward trolls in Death Cab For Cutie - that is to say, they release an album that sounds EXACTLY THE SAME as their indie label output, but still face intense cries of "sellouts!" from 16-year-olds who dress like historians and think Garden State is the best movie ever made.

Having heard The Crane Wife, their new record which drops in about a month, I can say they've finally done something other than take the best promotional photos since Big Black. While some fo the songs are eye roll-inducing wussy, it's still a really good record. Their songwriting has finally caught up to their aesthetic. And it's a decent concept album! You know how fucking hard those are to come by? Anyway, check out these preview songs if you like highly orchestrated indie rock songs and a dude you can tell is fat just from his singing voice.


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