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Friday, September 01, 2006

Magnolia Electric Co.

News item the first: Dita Von Teese would probably be the most fuckable person on the planet if not for the fact that he vagina routinely houses Marilyn Manson's wang-dang-doodle, and I don't think I want Brian Warner's sloppy seconds.

New item the second: Ernesto needs to stop being such a cock bastard and go away so they don't cancel the Nationals game tonight. What the hell else are Chris and I gonna watch on the TV at Bungalow's? College football? I'd rather stab myself in the dick with a screwdriver.

News item the third: This was gonna be about Shellac, but having been to their show last night, I need a day to recover before I can listen to them again. I got in a heckle fight with Todd Trainor, the drummer. It's hard to lose to a man with Johnny Thunders hair and two (TWO!) blouses on, but I admit I was well and fully owned. Steve Albini is one the ten best guitarists who ever lived, and if you disagree with me, I'll fight you after school. So much better than dickpigs like Eric Clapton. No campers, I needed something mellow, and since Mr. Albini was wearing a Magnolia Electric Co. t-shirt during the concert, I figured I might as well write about them.

For those of you with better things to do than hang out with nerdy indie folkers who don't like tempos of more than 25 bpm's, Magnolia Electric Co. is the project singer/songwriter Jason Molina put together after he decided to hang up his Songs: Ohia moniker. While my favorite Songs: Ohia album is the insanely dark Ghost Tropic (which is what I imagine death sounds like), I also really dug the folkier stuff, especially the poppy final S:O album, also called Magnolia Electric Co.

M.E.C. put out a pretty killer record this year called Fading Trails, which is the perfect soundtrack for being stuck inside during a rainstorm on a lazy afternoon. It's not cry-in-your-beer stuff, but it's certainly reminiscent of some of the quieter moments in Joe Ely's catalogue, especially when the tinges of Southern rock guitar pop up. Molina's got a hell of a voice, a quivering, honest instrument that says more than his words ever could. This is fantastic midnight porch music.


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Odd you should write that, because Molina played to us freaks from the porch at a local party here about a year ago. Very cool. I've seen him with several of his incarnations and I think I like his solo performances the best, which is rare for me to say. I usually think that songs needs a band to bring them to life. Must be that amazing voice of Molina's.
Hope you recover soon; I'm looking forward to hearing about Shellac.

7:25 PM

Blogger Matt Ramone said...

I've been acouring for some rare Shellac shee, and I've found some killer unreleased stuff. Check back in the late afternoon.

12:34 PM


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