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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Jesus H. Christ. Another band from No Idea. Hey kids, I can't help it if they put out consistently great records (speaking of which, who else is stoked for the new Billy Resse Peters record?). All I can do is encourage you to go give them tons of cash and run away with an armload of records that will own your world.

That said, I think the debut record from Armalite has been criminally underappreciated this year. I figured with the pedigree of its members (Atom and his Package, Lifetime/Kid Dynamite/Paint it Black, Kill the Man Who Questions), people would be jizzing all over this band. This is the first time Adam Goren has rocked out with a full band since he was in Fracture, and Dr. Dan Yemin proves he can totally fucking kill it on bass.

Their self-titled record is funny, righteous, catchy, and totally fucking exhilirating. Who'd'a thunk I'd pump my fist to a song about having diabetes?

"Husker Dave" is probably the most honest song Adam Goren has ever written about his own life. It's an acknowledgment that some family can be harmful and that just 'cause someone has the same last name as you doesn't mean you have to love them. He admonishes the subject of the song "when you're a parent that means no committing suicide! Goddamn, what a miserable fucking bastard!" before admitting "it's nice to have you gone."

"When Nice People Think Dumb Things, Attack, and Vote!" is about how the American voter is not evil, but the lazy, "well-meaning everyman." If they weren't lazy and uninvolved, maybe we'd get some candidates worth pulling the lever for. I also love how this song cheekily asks why do "the homophobes all dance to the YMCA?"

"Other Entertainers" is a shoulder of support for the people struggling to keep the music they love afloat in the face of less-talented hacks (*cough* Underoath *cough*) who have achieved something resembling mainstream success while much better groups toil in obscurity. Sounds like it would be perfect for a singalong at a punk rock campfire. Having just typed that, yes, I do realize how fucking gay it sounds. Whatever. Just download and piss off, Chester.


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