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Friday, September 12, 2008

More like BONER Pilot, amirite?

Oh god, it's hot. It's been so hot that I haven't been able to update. Well, that and by the time I get back from being out all day in the Georgia sun all I want to do is drink beer and pass out butt naked under the ceiling fan.

Also, I've been using Andrea's computer, and I already wrote about Tiger Trap and All Girl Summer Fun Band, so there wasn't much to write about.* My good friend Scotty Ellipsis (co-conspirator with me in the soon to be knocking down your windows band The Sandwiches - look for our EP, Reinventing Scott Heisel, soon) saved the day by sending me the Banner Pilot discography.

I don't know much about these dudes other than I call them Boner Pilot and they fucking rip. The clearly draw influences from Crimpshrine, early Jawbreaker, and the Lawrence Arms. Fuck yes is right. "Empty Bottles" is pretty much my vision for the Sandwiches. It's perfect. It's a gritty Org anthem if I ever heard one, and lines like "Let's get reborn tonight/Like a Phoneix in barlight!" were made for drunkenly singing along with your arms around your friends. The songs that aren't buzzsaw punk jams are given over to Face to Face style pop punk with monkeybeat drums, bass leads, and Weasel-style three note guitar lines.

Check out their new album, Resignation Day. If you liked their Pass the Poison EP, this will tear your face off like a methed-up** badger. This is going to end up on my end of the year list for sure.

*This is a dirty, dirty lie. She has a lot of music I like that I sent her. I've just been mega lazy.

**Mest up?

Empty Your Bottles -

No Transfer -

Shell Game -

Wide Awake on Lake Street -