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Monday, April 27, 2009

Gentlemen Jesse and His Men rule school, that is all

The first and only time I met Jesse Smith, I was tripping balls on ecstasy and ran my mouth too damn much about the Zero Boys and "the fuckin' keg, mannnnnnnnn." He was super nice, though, and put up with my ramblings about unappreciated hardcore and my vain attempt to wow myself into the Atlanta scene in order to get a job writing for local fuck-you rag Stomp and Stammer. I had just seen his crazed punk destructo band The Carbonas tear the FUCK up in Rob's basement (where Rob's House Records gets its name from)

Based on what I saw that night, I had no idea he would go on to form a band of pure, undiluted power pop, nor would I have guessed how fucking glorious that band would be, standing shoulder to shoulder with greats like Shoes and The dBs. The burn-down-the-suburbs ferocity of the Carbonas didn't really hint at the stupidly catchy choruses or toe tapping basslines or awesome harmonies.

This really is one of the best records that came out last year, and one I cannot suggest picking up enough. Don't let the good scores on Pitchfork scare you - this actually sounds like music.

Highland Crawler -

The Rest of My Days -

You Don't Have To -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's our Jesse, and he's a great guy and musician.

10:28 PM

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Blogger Eazy D said...

you ARE a faggot!

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