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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More like BR sides, amirite?

There's a couple ways to measure how great a band actually is. When their output is prodigious enough, a surefire sign is not being able to anthologize them with anything less than two CDs. Once you have all the "hits," rarities, b-sides, soundtrack contributions, and album cuts you like and you can't get it all on one disc (and it takes up at least a lot of disc two), you know you have a potentially great band on your hands.*

This is tricky in the case of a band like Bad Religion. They have approximately 40 studio albums (jokes!...kind of), which is what happens when you start a band to pay off your heroin dealers and kind of accidentally sort of strike gold in the process. As much as it pains me to say this, they're basically the punk rock version of U2 or AC/DC at this point. (Except, you know, they still make records worth listening to.) They've been around longer than pretty much anyone and still make music people care about. They're elder statesmen to multiple generations of pissed off kids who skip therapy in favor of two chords and a dictionary. And unless you buy No Substance, you won't really be disappointed.

So yes, you could say that because they've put out consistently amazing records and have fucking KILLED it live every time I've seen them, that's criteria enough to be A Great Band. However foolish reader, you forget that I am a card carrying post-war music nerd, and therefore my nose turns itself up reflexively at all but the most nose-favor-currying sonic entertainments. So then how about the throwaways? The outtakes and the b-sides and half-finished demos usually give an insight into true creative flourishing. If a band's b- and c-material is better than most other groups' A game, it's pretty telling. (See also: the Smiths)

So presented is a collection of Bad Religion's "detritus." It's a sign of a truly great band that the songs they leave in the ditch make a pretty disc unto themselves.

*Also if it's a band Andrea likes, they scooch up the ladder like a greased up Brazilian** with his ass on fire. Never underestimate the power of making your significant other not totally dislike whatever music you're playing.

**Look at him, eating candy like a Spaniard!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should post more, man. I swear a few months ago at least a third of the new music I got were your reccomendations.

Blah blah you're an adult and have a relationship no time for a blog blah blah Brendan Kelly can do it...

4:29 PM

Blogger John-311 said...

Bad Religion is amazing. I love even the weird demos with keyboards they made for Suffer and No Control. Leaders and Followers rules.

2:58 AM

Anonymous Brett said...

Seriously, post more often. The stuff that you post usually reads very well. I mean, even posting once a month would be welcome.

9:57 PM

Blogger The Please And Thank Yous said...

man i totally had that bad religion above my headboard poster when i was like 13. wondering what happened to it now.

i don't know where else to say this, but i fucking love how your avatar is that mitch clem drawing of raffi.

\m/ \m/

12:44 PM

OpenID bridgestreet said...

What? They use at least three chords...

6:25 PM


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