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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rumspringer is rad

So I met the members of Rumspringer in a gay bar.

This was the bar next to Charm City Art Space, and the only bar really in walking distance. The fact that DIY spaces can't sell drinks is bullshit. If it comes factory sealed, I don't give a rats' ass who serves it to me. "Ohhhh they might serve it to CHILDREN!" 1) Kids need booze, because their life sucks balls and 2) If you're old enough to vote and get sent to the desert to get shot at for a fucking lie, you're old enough to drink a beer. SAYING.

Anyway, I'm at the point where saying "pleased to meet you, I'm Matt Ramone!" is met with drawbacks and "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh"'s. These dudes said "fuck yeah!" and wanted me to buy them drinks, which I did happily. Most punks are dumb as shit, but not these dudes.

Rumspringer are one of those pop-punk bands that even the crusties like. I told them to their face: "You do Crimpshrine better than Crimpshrine did." Imagine the riffs of O Pioneers but with better lyrics and more continuity.

My boy Sam put their new full length out on his label, Traffic Street Records. It's flawless. The hooks hit you in the face like an unexpected dick. It's pop punk down in the muck, kicking its legs and blowing its tongue. It's like if Nobby Nobbs suddenly said something erudite.

I have heartburn so here are the songs:

It's Literally Tearing Me Apart:

Poison Bear:


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