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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What the fuck are you doing back here?

Alright, we're back again for the time being. Yay and all that. Georgia was fun, but hot, as was Panama City, aka the Redneck Riviera. I found many great records. Killed by Death and Poison Idea are the shit. Also got some cool stuff on mailorder. Miss Andrea, though. Single life is fun for a day or two, but it gets shitty after a while. I'm terrible at taking care of myself. It is the only time I get to watch movies like Horror of the Blood Monsters or Zombie Death House, that doesn't salve the wound all that much. I'm probably going to end up doing something completely retarded without her around, like sending anthrax to Jared Leto or getting P-A-N-C-A-K-E-S tattooed on my knuckles. I already bought a box of cereal because it had a Batman-related prize inside, so it's all snowball down to hell from here.

So many good new albums out right now. I wholly recommend picking up copies of the new Gaslight Anthem (which isn't technically released yet), Hold Steady, Steinways, Sloppy Seconds, and Off With Their Heads records. Expect some noise from me on these in the coming days, in addition to fawnings over the Reverend Gary Davis, the dBs, and the Tranzmitors.

But for now, I just had to post about a band I am super late to the party for - the mighty ass-kickers known as KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW. Considering these guys are right up my alley (har har) I have no idea how I slept on them this long, especially considering the dudes in the Black Lips called 'em the best rock band in America. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person in this fucking country who loves in-the-red guitars and doo wop. In my fevered grey cells, the Vogues' "Five O'Clock World" and Whatever it Takes' "Flesh Eating 9 to 5 Virus" all live in the same fucked up continuum of angst and sex and general fed-upness that define being American. There's just something thrilling about musicians who snub their noses to the world and go for broke with the needle in the red.

King Khan and BBQ Show sound like the Troggs and the Dell Vikings and the Cramps all fucked in the back of a van and spawned a tuneful, belligerent demonspawn that will FUCK YOUR ASS UP IN AN ATLANTA SECOND. (And shut the fuck up nerds, I know they're Canadian. They are a spiritually an Atlanta band, and everyone knows it.) Two demented, possibly evil men kicking out ungodly jams that are sure to piss off your neighbors no matter what time of day it is. It's loud and fuzzed out to the extreme and groovy and way better than that screamopowerviolencemetalcoreforJesus ear rape you fucking kids are listening to today. Nothing ruins music like the buying power of teenagers. Thank you for the popularity of Hawthorne Heights and Metro Station, you weedwhacker haircut dipshits. ( - this is the worst thing I have ever seen. It literally made me vomit. Dude in the vest is like 40 and thus should fucking know better. It's unknown how many fat girls have lost their virginity to this song, but the number is probably staggering. I never thought I would miss the Manic Panic Punks.)

In closing, Rev. Norb is god.

Waddlin' Around -

Lil' Girl in the Woods -

Zombies -

For those with more delicate sensibilities, I'm including two songs King Khan does with the Shrines. They slay.

69 Faces of Love -

Outta Harm's Way -


Blogger luridtraversal said...

Check out Mark Sultan and the Sultanic Verses...good stuff.

5:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry about missing your "girlfriend". I'm sure you won't have any problems finding other dudes to fuck.

9:16 AM

Blogger Aaron Hale said...

Man, anon is just GRASPING for attention. Probably wasn't breast-fed.

I think your next update, Matt, should be on Doo-Whop, or maybe just Motown. Could throw some love for Communique in there, you know? I'd be really interested in seeing something about that.

Or maybe even a Lead Belly post, because lets face it: Give me Lead Belly, or give me Death.

5:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so is luridtraversal some kinda homo fag or what?

11:46 AM

Blogger John Barrett said...

Fuck yeah to King Kahn. Fuck Yeah to the max. He threw bananas at the crowd when he opened for Black Lips, then when Black Lips took stage he made it his business to mack on all four of them. The Lips then let him and BBQ take over vocals for an entire song. Ruled to the max.

7:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the people on punknews are reading this and laughing their asses off cuz ure such a toool

12:43 PM

Blogger luridtraversal said...

I have to say it's soooo fun to read the prose and genius from your dear anonymous readers. "homo fag"... The brilliance and eloquence in that is truly inspiring. Or were you looking to get me angry? Sorry sweetheart, but it seems you've got some orientation issues you need to work out. Big kisses to you anon!!!

9:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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kelly divine

10:23 PM


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