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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bo Diddley and site updates!

So in my last post when I said "tomorrow" I apparently meant "sometime next week when work isn't making Matt feel angry at humanity in general." For all of those nice enough to leave comments that didn't call me a faggot, I will be catching up tonight. Also, I posted the Let's Active mp3's, so yanno, get on that.

To the fine folks in Hollerado, I got your demo today and will be posting about it in the next few days. Unless you sound like Cobra Starship, in which case I will contract the ebola virus and come cough on your bongs and underpants.

New Hold Steady has been posted for streaming. It's great. Maybe even Great. You'll be wasting your time if you don't click here:

Speaking of bands with streaming stuff, Canada's own amazing Statues have stuff still up on their PunkNews page. I can't recommend this shit enough. Also, check out the new issue of Razorcake, which has a cool little feature on these rad beavers. I really can't get over how great these guys are.

So last week, we lost one of the good ones. One of the best. One of the dudes who apparently still had it. One of my biggest criticisms of rock music is that, with the exception of the peerless Joe Strummer, there was something ridiculous about seeing some old dude panting and wheezing and trying to kick out the jams. This never really seemed to be the case for really old, really killer blues and jazz musicians. Maybe it's because the music itself seems timeless and actually sounds better the more crap life experience and old age piles on you.

I'm guessing this is why no matter how old he got, Bo Diddley would never look silly performing the endlessly badass "Who Do You Love?" He was one of the OGs of rock 'n' roll, one of the guys out on the frontlines making it dangerous and threatening to parents afraid of their children listening to "race records." His only real competition at the time was Chuck Berry, but hey, even Bad Brains had a Minor Threat.

There have been a million things said in the wake of his death last week, so I won't add to the skipping record. I will share my favorite story about the man, though. On the Clash's first tour of the US in '79, they had Diddley open for them. Upon finding the elder man sleeping in a chair on the tour bus on a travel night, Joe Strummer woke him and said, in effect, "hey, you know you have a bunk, right?" Diddley got up, pulled back the curtain of his assigned bunk, revealing that his signature square guitar (named Lucille), saying, "guitar rides in the bunk, I ride in the seat." Fuck yeah that's awesome.

Goodbye, Bo. We miss you already.

Bo Diddley -

Diddley Daddy -

Pills -

Who Do You Love? -


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5:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its common knowledge that Diddley opened up for the Clash, as they were big fans, but I still call bullshit--Diddley and King BOTH named their guitars Lucille? She must have been some woman, that Lucille.

Also, that guitar sure as shit doesn't look square to me....

5:53 PM

Blogger Matt Ramone said...

Hey anon, a link for you:

Also, his sister Lucille bought him his first guitar, so that's probably why he nicknamed it after her.

6:41 PM

Anonymous Boxcar said...

Yikes, man... fina-frickin'-ly. Thanks for putting these up.

Oh, and I found this blogpost with a "rare & well done" Bo Diddley tunes. True, false, or it doesn't matter because it's Bo Diddley?

Awesome blog, by the way.

12:48 AM


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