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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm positively positive for Good Clean Fun

One of my longest standing criticisms of hardcore is that, as a genre, it takes itself WAY too seriously. The fact that a bunch of straight-edge, vegan dudes could poke fun at their subcultures is both a praise of them and a knock on their scenes. People who can make me laugh are much more likely to get me to take them seriously than people who think their beliefs are immune from jokes and digs.

The flawless Earth Crisis parody "In Defense of All Life" both skewers militant veganism and reminds people that hey, maybe the most overzealous practitioners are not the people to take cues from. It's possible to pay loving tribute while mercilessly skewering (see Hot Fuzz), and Good Clean Fun manages to actually make me pay attention through youth crew choruses, breakdowns, the spoken word bridge that explains what the song is about that Ian MacKaye did as a joke but now fucking everyone does, the word cramming on the lyrics...etc. etc.

The Asian Man Records Tour going on right now has advertised "making punk fun again!" GCF ain't doing too shabby, either.

A Little Bit Emo, a Little Bit Hardcore -

Ex-Straight Edge Ex -

Hats Off to Halford -

In Defense of All Life -

Positively Positive -

Shopping For a Crew -


Blogger veganboyjosh said...

Our friendship’s done,
it really hurts
But maybe I could have
All of your old shirts

4:17 PM

Blogger spike. said...

I love wearing Winnie the Pooh shirs to hardcore shows. It's hilarious to me how so many of the sXe toughkids gush over a bear stuffed with fluff.

Haven't visited the page in a few weeks ... fun read as always, Matt. Makes me feel lazy a/b my own writing. Oh wait, I have been lazy. Cheers.

4:50 PM

Anonymous Slazey said...

Good read and good tunes, as always.

*virtual high five*

4:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are positively a soft faggot that is why you dont like hardcore cause youre a pussy cunt

10:38 AM


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