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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Apologies are for pussies

And I make no goddamn apologies for liking Judas Priest. Some people look at the short film Heavy Metal Parking Lot and think "whadda buncha wasteoid heshers." I look at it and think "wow, a bunch of drunks who yell and like underage tang. It's like being back on the Atlanta rock scene."

Part of the reason I love these howling band of Limeys is because they supposedly inspired a bnch of teenagers to kill themselves via the old "we're parents of retard metalheads maybe we can get some money out of our tragedy" lawsuit. Stained Class wasn't a bad record, but if I were going to kill myself over an album, it at least would be something worthy, like Dear You.

Priest would be cool if for nothing than Beavis and Butthead's eternal worship via their endless "breakin' the law!" air guitar riffs, but Rob Halford was one of the best howlers in metal history, and he was usually surrounded by guitarists who were rockin' but never (allat) masturbatory. Also, since Rob Halford is gay, it's fun to imagine a bunch of metal dudes rocking out to songs like "Jawbreaker" and thinking "these rednecks are kicking it to a song about making a guy fellate you at knifepoint...AWESOME!"

If you're not rocking the Priest, I'm not sure I can trust you. They come recommended by no less than Matthew Good and Craig Finn. If you can't trust them and me, who can you trust?

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