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Friday, May 18, 2007


You read right, motherfuckers! Legendary DC oi! band Spitfires United are reforming for a show two weeks from now, opening for other local legends The Pietasters at their 9:30 Club date. While seeing the 'Tasters at a hometown show would be treat enough, fucking Spitfires United, man!

I missed these dudes. Local scene rats know I go to Alleged Bricks and Babies With Rabies shows not just to be rocked, but also in the vain hopes that maybe they'll break into "Hooligans" or "Working" for old times' sake. I'll always associate their music with hanging out behind that dumpster at the 7-11 near Jaxx (the sure stop for Wang Chung as they pass through northern Virginia!), paying that creepy guy that hung out there to buy us 40s and giving the finger to West Springfield students we didn't like.

Very few American bands can pull off being an oi! band. It's so quintessentially English - it's the kind of music you imagine Vinnie Jones listens to when he gets half-cocked on lager and beats up twats in some dirty East End pub. Of the few American bands, Spitfires pulled it off better than most. Yanno, now that I think about, they were second only to the Templars (who were better than most of the Brits they were aping in the first place). They got the 1-2 lockstep riffs, the barked vocals, the pit/fight-starting anger and energy, the I'm-drunk-fuck-you attitude, and they can inspire a mellow cat such as yours truly to start hurling club furniture. (Listen to "Broken Teeth" and tell me if you don't feel like starting a fight.)

I haven't listened to a lot of oi! or streetpunk since I stopped hanging out with Skinhead John, but I have a feeling June 1st is going to be a magical night. As much as I would have liked to have seen the Dismemberment Plan reunion, this is the REAL one-off reunion show for DC punks. See you there, Chester.

For people who wanna hear the gangsta rap sect of punk.