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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Ergs! - or - More Songs About Chocolate and Girls

I swear I've been listening to more than pop-punk lately. I swear! The new Brother Ali triple LP, for example.

First up, back from Georgia. Had a killer time with mah lady. Soon as she finishes summer school she's moving up here, and we're getting a place together. Expect a TON more rockage.

Secondly, Jerry Falwell died today. And although I feel it is inappropriate to celebrate the death of a man who is not Kim Jong Il or Dick Cheney, I would be lying if I said that I'm not ecstatic that his voice has been removed from the public debate.

Anyhoo, glad to be back posting. I know y'all missed yer free MP3sees. Continuing my recent focus on 2007 releases, I have to drop some tracks from the hotly-awaited new album (and Dirtnap Records debut) by the Ergs!, Upstairs/Downstairs. Falling under the dubious dub of 'Orgcore, the Ergs! have spent the last few years churning out impossibly speedy snot anthems for dorky punks who like drinking and Scrabble.

It's not going to change the world, but it's ridiculously fun, and that's an end in and of itself. Rumor has it that they're playing The Fest VI this year, so that makes me look forward to the road trip with Andrea, Aaron, and Tara all the more. I've posted three new songs and three classics, so enjoy. I'm off to chug more NyQuil and try to get in shape for the Virginia Beer Festival this weekend.

Your Cheated Heart:

It'll Be Okay:

Bike Shop:


Pray For Rain:

Obligatory Song:


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